At Australian Childcare Brokers we liked to provide our clients with as much information as possible, so they understand the processes in which we follow to ensure a smooth Sale.

We have created a step-by-step Sales Process as a guide (which can differ between campaigns and sales) but provides a breakdown from the beginning to the end of Sale.

There are a number of steps in the Sales Process which we have summarized below. We have provided this in more detail and a downloadable chart can be accessed to demonstrate this more visually.

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Sales process – Investment Sales

    • Agent Interview with Owner
    • Site Inspection Undertaken
    • Discuss sale needs & timing
    • Set target market to timing
    • Creating of sale strategy to timing
    • Submission of proposal
    • Marketing alternatives examined & budget set
    • Listing process agreement
    • Format searches undertaken and checked
    • Listing signed to sell premises
    • Lease and occupancy detail checked
    • Income and expenditure streams checked
    • Building budgets actual and historic
    • Advertising budget implemented
    • Signboard arranged and erected (if necessary)
    • Draft advertising created
    • Draft advertising to client for approval
    • Approved adverts signed off
    • Adverts submitted to media
    • Internet advertising established & commenced
    • Brochures or letter drafted for owner review
    • Brochures or letters ordered
    • Database examined for qualified buyers
    • Email despatch to database
    • Hi-level prospects called direct
    • Direct mail (brochures or letters) sent
    • Weekly written report to owner on progress
    • Enquiries taken and qualified
    • Inspection undertaken
    • Feedback reports ex inspection to owner in pdf
    • Inspections short listed for negotiations
    • Negotiation starts
    • Subject to provisions examined
    • Counter proposals submitted
    • Close on an offer
    • Contracts drafted with necessary conditions
    • Contract to solicitors for signing by Buyers
    • Contract to Owner and signed
    • Contract provisions monitored and satisfied
    • Due diligence undertaken by buyer
    • Unconditional Contract achieved
    • Solicitors monitored for movement to settlement
    • Copies of Contract made available for settlement
    • Settlement
    • Proceeds paid and property exchanged