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Childcare Brokers Brisbane

Trusted Brisbane Childcare Brokers for Childcare Business and Investment Sales


Are you looking to invest in a childcare centre or hoping to sell a childcare centre? At Australian Childcare Brokers, we are a professional childcare brokerage agency helping you get the deal you’re after.

We pride ourselves on providing friendly and honest childcare business and investment sales advice. We are a specialist team with a great deal of experience in the childcare space who can offer you the guidance and support you need to make a successful transaction.

We have been working in the childcare brokerage business for over thirteen years and in that time we have helped countless business owners to achieve fantastic results, whether in sales or in purchases.

Looking to buy or sell a childcare business? Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with this transaction.
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Australian Childcare Brokers - Childcare Sales and Investment

We’re a little different from the market at large; we like to take the time to get to know you and find out what you’re hoping to achieve from your childcare sale. While anyone can sell, we take the time to listen to what you say and find out what your expectations are from your sale.

Ultimately, when you succeed, we succeed - that is to say that if you’re not happy with the transaction, then you’re not going to recommend us to friends and not going to walk away with a positive experience. Our goal is to deliver more value to our clients through personalised service, attention to detail and ruthless dedication to getting you the best possible price

Services we provide​

Freehold - For complete ownership of land and associated assets we can complete freehold transactions for childcare centre purchases. Freehold simply means that as a buyer you have complete ownership of the land and assets; that is to say you’ll own your childcare centre and the land in its entirety.

Leasehold - We perform leasehold transactions where land is purchased for a limited amount of time and is otherwise owned by the Commonwealth. Any changes to land and property have to be approved by the owner (the freeholder; the Commonwealth) and will be subject to local government legislation.  

Going Concern -  This is a tenanted investment where freeholds operate with a current business lease on your childcare centre.

Leasing - We assist with leasing commercial buildings for the purpose of installing a childcare centre in place.

Management - Need assistance with property management? We can help - from collecting rent, rental reviews, invoice payments and more. We understand the childcare space and can offer a specialised service for you as property managers.

Benefits of Working with Australian Childcare Brokers


We have been working in the childcare brokerage space for many years and have a great deal of experience brokering sales for vendors and buyers alike. You can rely on us as a broker with a network of Australia-wide contacts; we take a great deal of pride in doing great work on behalf of our clients and customers.

Confidential Service

We are committed to making sure that your transactions are conducted in confidential circumstances. We understand the importance of ensuring that your financial transactions are managed confidentially - especially when it comes to purchasing assets such as childcare centres. You can be assured of respectful, confidential service at all times.



Industry Knowledge

Working in the childcare brokerage industry has given us a wealth of understanding in transactions, advertising, marketing and positioning your childcare centre for optimum sale results.

Specialist Experience

When you work with Australian Childcare Brokers, you will be working with one of our experienced brokers. We keep you informed and updated throughout the entire process and are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Options for selling your childcare business

When selling anything, there are always two competing interests at play; the seller wishes to get the best possible price, and so does the buyer. Our role is to position your childcare centre in the most attractive light possible given current market conditions, your desire to sell and any other mitigating factors. With this in mind, there are three methods that we employ when selling a childcare centre on your behalf.

Expressions of Interest

When market conditions suit your sale, we put forward an expression of interest sale. This type of sale suits a market where demand for A-Grade assets is high. Using a targeted and aggressive marketing campaign, we position your childcare centre is the most attractive light possible and create a sense of urgency and competition among prospective buyers. Prospective buyers are fuelled by this urgency to submit their best possible offer and we find that buyers are well educated and serious prospects in expression of interest sales.



This is an effective and competitive way to sell your childcare centre where a general marketing campaign is undertaken, and where buyers commit to attending the auction and coming prepared with their best offer. You have a great deal of control over this type of sale with conditions and completion dates negotiable to suit your needs. No sale price is set for auctions, but you can set a reserve for an auction which we can recommend based on our knowledge of current market conditions.

Private Treaty

Selling through private treaty involves setting an asking price and working around this as your highest price. We find that private treaty sales are effective when speed, flexibility, privacy, cost and control are paramount. If you’re not in a particular rush to sell, or if you’re very keen to sell, a private treaty is a great choice in both situations.

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